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United IT™ Green HRM:

About Green HRM:

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Green HRM is a comprehensive, web-based HR management system for organizations – private, public, and government – of all sizes that need a human resources management solution to meet complex business and regulatory requirements.


Unlike other HRM solutions, Green HRM supports organizations of all sizes, including geographically dispersed, multi-branch organizations. The web-based solution provides remote access to employees in the field and real-time HR information is available anytime, anywhere. With simple and efficient implementation, maintenance, and upgrades, Green HRM gets you up and running quickly with a short path to a return on your investment.

Our proposed Green HR & Payroll Management Software includes the following modules and features:

General Features

►    Internet based software

►    User-friendly interface

►    Customized reports

►    Easy user access management

►    User authority/permission setup facility


Green HRM gives you centralized management of your HR practices across the enterprise and facilitates the use of HR management policies, employee information, compensation and benefits and time and attendance management, according to local laws and regulations, cultures and customs. With Green HRM, you can achieve benefits such as:

• Implement employee self-service, simplifying employee administration processes, including attendance and payroll.

• Automate compensation and benefits management to eliminate human errors and greatly reduce processing times.

• Set different performance appraisal models and track performance with tight integration to payroll.

• Generate reports based on current or historical employee data, including monthly payroll reconciliation, monthly data changes, and headcount analysis.

• Accommodate geographically dispersed, multi-branch organizations with a localized UI to realize central management, standardize processes, and promote business efficiencies.

    1. Company/Organization Info
  •   Company Information
  •   Unit Information
  •   Department reports
  •   Staff Category
  •   Sub Staff Category
  •   Section Info
  •   Line Info
    2. Employee Information:
  •   Employee Personal Information **
  •   Employee Promotion
  •   Employee Transfer
  •   Employee Separation
    3. Shift / Leave
  •   Shift Plan
  •   Shift Register
  •   Work Off Calendar
  •   Leave Year, Leave Rule Define
  •   Leave Allocation
  •   Leave Transaction
  •   Total leave encashment leave days (Customized Feature)
    4. Attendance
  •   Overtime Slab
  •   Out of Office Info
  •   Upload Device Data (From Punch Machine Or Attendance Machine)
  •   Manual Punch
  •   Attendance Process
    5. Approval
  •   Promotion Approval
  •   Transfer Approval
  •   Separation Approval
  •   Salary Approval
  •   Salary Sheet Approval
    6. Security Setup
  •   Security Group Create
  •   Security Rule
  •   User Management
  •   User Info

    Employee Personal Information Details

  • Personal Info

    Name, Birth Date, Address Details

  • Organization Info

    1. ► Unit, Department, Designation
    2. ► Staff Category, Sub Staff Category
    3. ► Section, Sub Section
    4. ► Line Info
    5. ► Date of Joining, Date of Confirmation
    6. ► Check list for

        •OT Entitle
        • Off day OT Entitle
        • Holiday Bonus
        • PF Entitle

  • Educational Info
  • Language
  • Emergency
  • Reference Info


  • Salary Head

    You can create two types of Earning and Deduction type Salary Head such as Gross Salary, Basic Salary, Medical, House Rent, Late Deduction, Leave Deduction, Tax Deduction, Bonus, Welfare Fund etc.

  • Salary Rule

    Salary Rule defines Percent or Fixed amount against Each Salary Head

  • Employee Salary

    This screen allows creating each employee’s salary against their salary rule.

  • Salary Sheet Generate

    United IT™ Green HRM Reports:
  • Active Employee List
  • Individual Employee Profile
  • Daily Attendance Report
  • Monthly Attendance Report
  • Salary Sheet
  • Employee Pay Slip
  • Employee Job and Salary History
  • Employee Promotion Report
  • Employee Transfer Report Security
  • User Log In
  • User Manage(User Store and retrieve)
  • User password Change
  • Role base privilege(User will assign privilege)