Hire a Cake PHP Developer at United IT™ Solution Ltd.

If you have an exciting Cake PHP project and are on the lookout for a suitable development team to take on your project, we can help you. At United IT Solution Ltd., we believe that the world has shrunk to a great extent with the advent of the Internet. Therefore, it is now possible to hire developers as a team from any geographical location in the world and manage them on a virtual basis. This concept is very simple. As a prospective client, you can now hire a team of Cake PHP developers, who will work on your project on a dedicated basis.

At United IT Solution Ltd., we have an extensive infrastructure completely geared to meet all your  requirements. We assure you of reliable and quality services at nominal rates. The rates provided below are indicative of our low costs and high levels of quality.


Rate/ Month (USD)

Dedicated Cake PHP Developer - Junior


Dedicated Cake PHP Developer - Senior


Dedicated Cake PHP Team
(2 Junior Cake PHP Developer, 1 Senior Cake PHP Developer)



Time: 8 Hours Day, 6 Days a Week- Monday to Saturday. (Saturday half day working)

Holidays: Sundays & Bangladesh National & Religious Holidays

Your virtual team will work from our data centre in Bangladesh. If the project necessitates, the developers can also work from your brick and mortar office abroad. At United IT Solution Ltd.,we take due care to ensure that your project is completed on time with satisfactory results. Further, we assure you of complete privacy of your data within our data centre. United IT Solution Ltd.  has in place the necessary infrastructure to lead your project to fruitful completion.

United IT Solution Ltd., we carry out all our work in an extremely reliable manner within a thoroughly secure environment. We assure you of complete data privacy at our development centre. You can rest assured of our highest levels of professionalism and commitment to perfection in our work.

You can choose from one of the convenient contracts and hire dedicated resources for a period of three months, six months, or a year, depending upon the term of your project. We assure you that your project will be completed on time. We will also regularly keep in touch with you through chat, email, or phone.

We will bill you on a convenient monthly basis. We will also transfer all the rights of the source code at the end of the project. We also have no objections whatsoever if you resell your application to a third party. Contact us right away for further inquiries.