Hire a PHP Developer at United IT™ Solution Ltd.

At United IT Solution Ltd., we hire the best talent in the world for PHP development. You too can now avail of the best of talent that we hire. This notion has become popular with the advent of the Internet and the shrinking of the world into a smaller place. As the concept implies, the client can hire a dedicated resource in the form of an entire team to pursue his development project.

This team will work exclusively for your project from our development centre in Bangladesh. The team can also work for the client from your location abroad as well. PHP Web Developer Bangladesh has extensive hardware, software, and other infrastructural requirements to meet your development requirements.

All our work is carried out in a reliable manner in a completely secure environment. We assure you of complete data privacy at our development centre. We offer you the most nominal rates in return for high quality services. You can rest assured of our high professionalism and commitment to excellence.


Rate/ Month (USD)

Dedicated PHP Developer - Junior


Dedicated PHP Developer - Senior


Dedicated PHP Team
(2 Junior PHP Developer, 1 Senior PHP Developer)



Time: 8 Hours Day, 6 Days a Week- Monday to Saturday. (Saturday half day working)

Holidays: Sundays & Bangladesh National & Religious Holidays

Looking into your complex requirements, we have developed a variety of contract plans to suit your needs. Contract plans are available for three months, six months, or even one year. All your communication needs will be met promptly through phone, fax, or email.

For this plan, billing is carried out on a monthly basis. We have no objection if you sell the application to a third party. All applications will be developed to your complete specifications within the contract period. Further, all source code will be owned by you. Contact us right away for further inquiries.