Linux Hosting

United IT Solution Ltd.  shared, reseller and dedicated hosting plans are hosted on linux operating system CentOS. SSH is available as part of the many features. On dedicated server you can choose different linux OS to be installed.

Linux Hosting a type of web hosting where the server software (php, mysql, etc) is installed on open-source Linux operating system. This means that the software and all the updates are free of charge. This is always handy, but it is not even the biggest advantage to Linux hosting. You will see below different reasons why Linux is the currently most used way to create websites online.

The best part of the hosting on Linux is the fact that the sky is the limit when it comes to opportunities to use it and how you can use it. Linux is the most commonly used platform to create and maintain websites and databases on, not only because it free to use, but there are constant updates to it. This means that if you are looking for an extension or a special feature, there is probably another user on the other side of the world that has thought of this idea and shared it with everyone to use.

You can use almost any script when using linux web hosting like PHP or Perl and the same goes for your databases, whether you use MySQL or PostgreSQL, you can easily use all different types that you want and even mix them together on sites.

Furthermore, Linux hosting platforms are quick and do not have any lagging problems. Quick changing of details or a database change might be something you want to do in the blink of an eye and that is very well possible.