United IT Automobile Workshop ERP

Automobile Workshop ERP Management System

Automobile Workshop ERP Management System fulfills the tracking needs of motor service departments by offering a comprehensive service module, ideally suited to both independent outlets and franchised operations.

Automobile Workshop ERP Management System is an advance Window-based, Automobile Workshop Service management solution designed exclusively to automate the daily operations of your Workshop to help you save time and stay organized in managing your information. It is a cost effective and complete solution that improves productivity and increases efficiency of your business.


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Workshop Overview:

Automobile Workshop ERP Management System can instantly see a snapshot of their workshop business including service estimates and bookings, all services in progress and completed services.

Producing a service record is quick to do, either by using the Vehicle Lookup facility or by converting a booking or an estimate into a live job.  If a vehicle or customer has previously been into your garage, Automobile Workshop ERP Management System recognizes this using the service history tracking feature and automatically populates the service record with all relevant details.

Creating job cards for recording is very straightforward. Automobile Workshop ERP Management System allows you to add labour lines, parts, oils and any extras. Job cards can be printed out with full details for the technician.

All transactions within the service module can be integrated directly into FALCON ERP , providing a complete set of accounts and customer invoices can feature your company branding and full service job details. Automobile Workshop ERP Management System also ensures that any follow up activity can be managed with ease

Service history tracking is a vital tool that enables dealers to quickly locate and review the service history for any existing vehicle or customer. It also allows new service history records to be set-up easily.


Service History Tracking:

The Automobile Workshop ERP Management System service history tracking feature is very straight forward to use. Simply enter the registration number and the relevant vehicle and customer information will be displayed.

All previous work completed including descriptions, exact labour and parts is listed, and you can even see previous recommendations made to the customer.

Service history tracking is an easy time-saving device for the workshop, as often the vehicle information is already entered and available. Additionally, technicians can view a vehicle’s service history from within a current ‘open’ job for easy ‘on the spot’ referencing.

Estimates are a comprehensive product feature within the Automobile Workshop ERP Management System, allowing you to keep a detailed record of all quotes given to your customers for any potential work.


There are two ways to create an estimate in Automobile Workshop ERP Management System, a rough estimate or an accurate estimate.

Rough Estimates: – a minimum and maximum cost is entered for each section of the estimation which includes work, parts, oils and extras. The estimate total will show as being between a minimum and maximum cost. This is useful if the exact price is not known but gives the customer an idea of what they can expect to pay.

Accurate Estimates: – to give customers a precise cost for work, the exact cost for each section of the estimation is entered which gives a total amount. Once produced, estimates are printed and saved in the system. Revisions can be made if required and Automobile Workshop ERP Management System will save every new revision created so that there is a history trail.

If a customer chooses to proceed, estimates are converted to bookings and then to a service job. If not, estimates are flagged as declined.

Automobile Workshop ERP Management System provides a record of all estimates including open, printed, approved and declined to give you an accurate measure of estimate conversion rates to service jobs and in addition to this, allows for follow up activity.

Emerging Work Estimates:

Within estimates, Automobile Workshop ERP Management System has included emerging work estimates. Any emerging work can be added to a service job at any time ensuring that all job details are kept together, making things nice and simple when it comes to invoicing.

Job cards are a core component to any workshop and Automobile Workshop ERP Management System makes it quick and easy to create them for your technicians on a daily basis.

Job Cards:

Automobile Workshop ERP Management System gives you the option of creating job cards.

The job cards created in Automobile  ERP Management System comprise of the customer and vehicle details, a brief description and the ability to add labour lines, all of which will appear on the customer invoice.  There are also fields just for the technician, which includes estimated job hours and internal comments.

Service Booking Calendar:

The Service Booking Calendar is a visual aid that allows you to see at a quick glance which days have space available for further bookings. As service jobs are booked into the calendar, the hours for that day.

The calendar can be viewed in Day, Week or Month View and also displays technician absenteeism such as holidays or sick leave.

Other useful features of the Service Booking Calendar include a search facility for customer names and dates, a locking mechanism to prevent bookings being made on a specific day, the ability to produce and print out Job Cards for any given date, a useful ‘Today’ button which will bring you back to today’s date and finally the capability of booking out courtesy cars for customers.

Finally, Automobile Workshop ERP Management System allows you to print out the Service Booking Calendar for any given date range.


  • One Touch to view Service History
  • Build extensive job kits
  • Ability to link with full accounting module
  • Build and keep an accurate service history for cars & customers
  • Create accurate customer invoices and match to all job costs
  • Automatic reminders
  • Mechanic diary
  • Mechanic job costing
  • Parts inventory and stocktake
  • Create repair orders
  • Automated kit creation
  • Barcoding for parts and services
  • Quotations
  • Management reports
  • Sales reports
  • Inventory reports
  • Make your own reports
  • Powerful password system for security
  • Conversion / Assembly Reports
  • Top Management Reports (MIS)